A look into JMS Dress Code – Two Sides to the Story

On the date of January 5, 2015, an eighth assembly took place. As many of you may know, JMS’ dean of students made a controversial (in the realm of JMS) speech concerning inappropriate clothing for girls. An anonymous writer had their opinion piece published yesterday, to be bombarded with a rush of commotion and opinions toward the matter! Haven’t read the piece? Find it here, along with many debate-full comments along the way! In response to the infamous article, two opposite journalists (who also wish to remain anonymous) have written-up their thoughts on the matter at hand. One, covering the exact meaning of “oppression,” as used in the piece yesterday, is against the anonymous writer. The other analyzes the meaning of Ms.  Torres’ speech delicately, and tends to side with the anonymous writer. What do you think on the matter? Comment below on who YOU think is right.

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Dress Code – Assembly-based Statement

The following is an anonymous “letter” written concerning the speech in today’s school assembly directly to JMS students. The vibe and ideas included in such do not necessarily represent the Jeffersonian or JMS. No offense is intended. 

Dear Jefferson Students,

Just a reminder: regardless of school expectations, there is absolutely no need to judge yourself in the mirror! This is not healthy behavior, regardless of school expectations concerning dress code. Checking to see if you like your outfit is great, but don’t judge yourself!

Judging yourself is not a solution to the dress-code issue. The dress code is supposed to be about clothing, not your body! Don’t wear offensive or indecent clothing, please just wear what you feel comfortable in! Your body is not offensive, more so the clothes you wear! Every child deserves the right to not be judged. Wow… is that NOT easy to understand?


Skirt Shorter Than My Patience for Oppression

Today’s Quote

“Be yourself… everyone else is taken.”


– Oscar Wilde

The beautiful 1899 black-and-white photograph can be found here. If you are a fan, you probably know that Wilde was quite close to Robert Ross. Interestingly enough the link given displays many letters between the two (not to mention the photograph!).