A look into JMS Dress Code – Two Sides to the Story

On the date of January 5, 2015, an eighth assembly took place. As many of you may know, JMS’ dean of students made a controversial (in the realm of JMS) speech concerning inappropriate clothing for girls. An anonymous writer had their opinion piece published yesterday, to be bombarded with a rush of commotion and opinions toward the matter! Haven’t read the piece? Find it here, along with many debate-full comments along the way! In response to the infamous article, two opposite journalists (who also wish to remain anonymous) have written-up their thoughts on the matter at hand. One, covering the exact meaning of “oppression,” as used in the piece yesterday, is against the anonymous writer. The other analyzes the meaning of Ms.  Torres’ speech delicately, and tends to side with the anonymous writer. What do you think on the matter? Comment below on who YOU think is right.

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Unsung vs. impossible Beauty

In modern-age Western Cultures, weight has always been an obsession. From the days of corsets to the age of Photoshop, the concept that a woman’s body must be slender and fragile has been emphasized by almost every new fashion trend. But is a slender figure really the key to beauty and success? Continue reading

2015 is HERE!!!!

Hello, readers. This article is ALL ABOUT YOU! As you may have noticed, 2014 is now gone-and-done… AKA New Year’s Day. We (the journalists) would LOVE to know: What was the best part of 2014? What was the worst of 2014? Was it a good year? A moral one? What kind of year was it? But most of all: What is to behold in the year of 2015?

Any great comments will be featured front-and-center on the Jeffersonian this coming week! Be sure to get yourself a spot!

Happy New Years!!!!!


By: Noah Wilsey

Since the dawn of our time, humans have been explorers. Our drive for adventure has allowed our species to adapt and grow in all parts of the world. We have explored almost all parts of our planet. On  July 20, 1969, Humans landed on the moon — this was our first step to the stars.

If NASA didn’t have budget cuts, There could already have been the first person to Mars (Mars is our best candidate for human colonization). Over the years we have sent many probes to mars. The most recent, Curiosity, Recently found WATER in Mars’ soil. Curiosity also recently found Methane, a biologically produced chemical, on mars. These are signs of past life on mars! If Mars could have had life, think of all the planets in our infinite universe that have life. We need to inspire our future generations to reach for the stars.

Please support NASA.
The stunning image above (courtesy of NASA, of course) is one of the stars. Millions and billions and trillions of galaxies exist in the universe, and in each holds [more] trillions of stars. Go NASA!