Interviews-What You Didn’t Know About Your Teachers at JMS

Interviewee: Taron Kouri – Band Director

 In this segment, instead of just making a boring old interview, we Jeffersonians decided to take celebrity interviews and ask the unsuspecting vict-, er, um, “interviewees” the same questions. All of the answers are Mr. Kouri’s own, but he is not a liberty to tell if his answers are indeed true or not. (MOST OF THEM ARE NOT, as they were originally asked to a movie star…) All questions are credited to Bantha Tracks – The Newsletter of the Official Star Wars Fan Club. Viewers can find the link to the newsletter HERE


Q-Can you remember what the first movie you ever saw was? Or one of the first. 

A- Umm, Winnie the Pooh-The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh!

Q-Did you go to a lot of movie theaters during your childhood? 


Q-I understand that before you were actually hired at Universal Studios, you just went into the lot in a suit carrying a briefcase and just used a random office. How did you have the nerve to do that?

A-Well it’s really quite simple, when you want something as badly as I do, and I really wanted that, you know, you just go for it. You don’t ask for permission first.

Q- Did anyone ask who you were and what you were doing there during that-

A- Absolutely, and I told them that I was Taron Kouri and that I was going to own this joint.

Q-You were only 21 when you started directing for Universal, how did people react to your age?

A- Ahh, Actually, they didn’t know my true age, I lied to them and told them I was 36, and that I was quite successful in India before I came over.

Q- How did you get involved with your longtime friend George Lucas on Raiders of the Lost Ark?

A-Well, it’s a funny story actually: He lost a bet to my cousin and had to help me move.

Q- Was it difficult working with someone who was a good friend of yours?

A- No not at all we had lots of, lots of fun adventures together.

Q-Was Raiders of the Lost Ark a difficult movie to film?

A- You know, it had its challenges specifically Harrison Ford, that man can be quite untamable at times

Interviewer: John Smitson