A look into JMS Dress Code – Two Sides to the Story

On the date of January 5, 2015, an eighth assembly took place. As many of you may know, JMS’ dean of students made a controversial (in the realm of JMS) speech concerning inappropriate clothing for girls. An anonymous writer had their opinion piece published yesterday, to be bombarded with a rush of commotion and opinions toward the matter! Haven’t read the piece? Find it here, along with many debate-full comments along the way! In response to the infamous article, two opposite journalists (who also wish to remain anonymous) have written-up their thoughts on the matter at hand. One, covering the exact meaning of “oppression,” as used in the piece yesterday, is against the anonymous writer. The other analyzes the meaning of Ms.  Torres’ speech delicately, and tends to side with the anonymous writer. What do you think on the matter? Comment below on who YOU think is right.

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Student Voices – A Billion Bucks

By: Vivian S.

The question of the week was- “If you had a billion dollars what would you buy”

The student voices this week were-

“A mansion” – Stupid

“An IPhone 6, A Range Rover, and a Mansion”- Cali

“I would donate half then put the other half in the bank”- Sarah

“A batting cage”- Anonymous

“I would buy an IPhone 6 then put some in a college fund, I would take a trip to Africa and give toys to children”- Anonymous

“I would move to L.A., meet Stevan Fernandez, and buy a bed”- Lloyd Christmas

“I would give the money to my mom so she can use it for her medical bills”- Chicharital

“I would travel the world, and take pictures with my newly bought camera and film” – Elana

“Give it to people”- Eggs

“If I had a billion dollars I would donate some to charity and move far away and live on a boat house and live fat and happy”- Jenamen Valinate

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The image above can be found here, a wonderfully artsy site. If you don’t know the reason it’s featured, well… watch Austin Powers! A retro hero, Powers fought an evil villain (above) whose’ favorite remark, as he put his pinky to his lips, was “one billion dollars!”

“ I’d bring…”

By: Journalist Vivian S.

The question for this week was – “ If you had to evacuate your home, and could only bring three things… what would you bring?”

The JMS student voices this week were…


“My animals, my family, and my IPAD because I love them” –Sassy Chicken


“ Phone, dogs, and gloves” –anonymous


“ Family (including pets), running shoes, and photos” – anonymous


“ My dog, my phone/charger, and my pillow!!” –Frog Turd


“ I’d bring…
A pencil and paper to write stories and draw pictures,
any of my living things in which I love (family, plants, animals),
and my camera to capture the future and document the past. – Elana W.


“My little black dress, money bag, and family photo book.” –Acacia


“I’d bring my Luli, my phone, and Ozzy”  -Jaimie


“ I would bring my phone, my dogs, and everything on my bed” – Kermit the frog


“ My family, my pets, and money” –anonymous


“My family, my dogs, and my sheets…” –Frankie


Student Voices

Reported by: Vivian S.

What do you hate most about this school and what would you do to change that?

The students voices this week were-

“I don’t hate the school. I just hate the mean people! To change this I would add more consequences. We should be able to pick our lunch (A or B) because it’s our free time. We should be able to choose who we want to hang out with.  Also, I don’t like the loop. I’m scared that I’m going to get hit by a car. To change this I would make the side walk larger. The school should support more after school activities.” –”Shrek”

“I hate how gross the campus is! There so much gum and trash… and the bathroom’s should be cleaner. Also, the student’s ideas should be more admired. I think that the dress code is also unfair. We shouldn’t have to go to the office and call home and call home or change when guys just get warnings and there’s no dress code for the guys. –Anonymous

“I hate how we can’t get on our phones during lunchtime. Its so unfair! What if we are doing homework and we need to look something up? I understand the policy about phones during class because it might distract us, but I think we should be able to use them for music because it helps us focus, and we should definitely be able to use them at lunch!”  – Marisa Candelara

“I hate that the campus is so dirty. For example, the carpet probably hasn’t been changed since this school opened. It is nasty to go down/up the stairs and you see gum from 1864. Also it makes me distracts from learning because I am worried that if I put my hand under the desk, I will get 90 pieces of gum on myself. Ew! – Anonymous.


What are your opinions about the school? Comment below and speak your thoughts!  Tune in next time for Student Voices.