Rose Tyler! What a companion to be covering. Rose Tyler was  one of the companions that the doctor really loved.  When she was first introduced as Rose (S01E01) the doctor saved her from the Aton aliens by taking her hand and whispering “Run.”  Simultaneously blowing up her place of work, Rose is swept away in the Tardis after saving the doctor from” the Consciousness.”

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Should Fan Work Be Considered ‘Canon’?

By: Heather H.
“Canon,” is a term to describe anything that actually happened within a book, movie, show, or game. Anything that is created by a fan is known as fan work or “fanon,’ but should work by fans actually be considered “canon?” Everyone who is in a fandom is familiar with the canons of their fandom, most are also familiar with the stories and art created by fans like themselves. Perhaps these fan works should be considered canon.
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The Doctor’s Donna – One of the best!

WARNING: If you are not a Whovian, you may have no idea what the following story is talking about. BE WARNED!
By: Sophie L.

SUGGESTION: Make this a DEBATE! Comment below, and kick up a storm of opinions, Jets!

If you watch the popular show Doctor Who, then you might just have a favorite companion.  I know I do; among the top rated of the companions (not necessarily the number one) would have to be the independent minded, funny, and sassy Donna Noble potrayed by the hilarious actor Catherine Tate.  Besides being known as being the “Best temp in Chiswick” Donna is  also the most important woman in the universe.

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Zombies are Coming To Town!

By: Noah W.

It’s the  beginning of the zombie Apocalypse!

You have a backpack that can fit 15 things in it, plus a projectile weapon with 100 rounds. You are also limited to three days of food/water. (Knives and axes are not considered your weapon – they are considered tools.)

Make  a list of what you’d bring in the comments!! Choose wisely. This is MY ideal pack (plus projectile weapon):

1. mountain food (dehydrated)
2. water
3. water purifier
4.first aid kit
5.flint and steal
6. tomahawk
7. book
8. transmit and receive radio
9. 200 ft para-cord
10. flashlight
11. sleeping bag
13. small tent
14. mess kit
15. tarp