SUSAN – Companion Talk


By: Sophie L.

For those not in the “Doctor Who” know, Susan was the original companion and granddaughter of the Doctor. She traveled with him during his First incarnation and reunited with him during his Fifth (TV: The Five Doctors) and Eighth. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks; AUDIO: An Earthly Child, etc.) At different times in her life, she has been known as “Susan Foreman,” “Susan English” and “Susan Campbell,” but she has usually been called simply “Susan.”  All of these names were aliases; her birth name was “Arkytior.” Continue reading


Song of the Week!

By: Sophie Laborwit.

Today’s Tune: Radioctive, by Imagine Dragons.

Known for their hit “Radioactive,” Imagine dragons came out with several other songs that truly showcase their talent. This song, recommended by journalist Liam Paul, is also known as, “I bet My Life”. You may have heard it before on the radio or maybe you own the album, Either way, this song is great to listen to and has a great melody. I personally enjoyed this song and I think that you will as well. Very exiting and spontaneous, this song is a great song to [break] dance to on any day of the week. I like the lyrics because they are totally appropriate and still have ring to them. Radioactive is readable and all around expressive, which is what music is supposed to be!

Above is the cover image of the song itself. Not only the song has proven to be artsy!

Below is the music video (courtesy of YouTube) to the song. Have fun listening!



Rose Tyler! What a companion to be covering. Rose Tyler was  one of the companions that the doctor really loved.  When she was first introduced as Rose (S01E01) the doctor saved her from the Aton aliens by taking her hand and whispering “Run.”  Simultaneously blowing up her place of work, Rose is swept away in the Tardis after saving the doctor from” the Consciousness.”

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The Interview that became a Declaration of War

A new movie, The Interview will be coming soon.  The new movie is about two men who have a popular TV show that Kim Jong-un  likes.  The two men get an interview with this leader of North Korea and are asked by the Government to Assassinate Kim.  The crazy aspect, however, is the conflict this film is kicking up between countries. This movie is making the front pages in international news.  Continue reading