Zombies are Coming To Town!

By: Noah W.

It’s the  beginning of the zombie Apocalypse!

You have a backpack that can fit 15 things in it, plus a projectile weapon with 100 rounds. You are also limited to three days of food/water. (Knives and axes are not considered your weapon – they are considered tools.)

Make  a list of what you’d bring in the comments!! Choose wisely. This is MY ideal pack (plus projectile weapon):

1. mountain food (dehydrated)
2. water
3. water purifier
4.first aid kit
5.flint and steal
6. tomahawk
7. book
8. transmit and receive radio
9. 200 ft para-cord
10. flashlight
11. sleeping bag
13. small tent
14. mess kit
15. tarp

What Teacher Are You?

Take this quick quiz to discover your inner JMS teacher. Which one pairs with your personality best?                                                       By: Miss Good and Lillie E.

What do you wear on daily basis?

  1. Artsy jeans with a colorful, happy t-Shirt… occasionally paint (it totally counts as an accessory)

  2. Jeans, sneakers and a sports sweatshirt (preferably redskins)

  3. Very extravagant clothing with lots of jewelry

  4. Jefferson sports clothing always

  5. Fancy dresses and skirts with lipstick

  6. Jeans and a t-shirt

What do you do for fun?

  1. Art, because art is awesome

  2. Rant about opinions

  3. Belly dance and drama

  4. Coach sports and talk loudly

  5. Math – hooray!

  6. Do crazy experiments

What is your life force?

  1. Creativity

  2. Caffeine. Coffee, Redbull, Mountain Dew, Soda.

  3. Exercise and excitement

  4. My drive to succeed

  5. Math… again.

  6. Bill Nye the Science Guy

When talking to people you…

  1. Give reasonable and enthusiastic advice

  2. Yell as loud as possible

  3. Talk so that no one understands you

  4. Are almost always happy and want to spread your happiness to all

  5. Confuse everyone around you with the language of adults.

  6. Speak in accents

When something really amuses you, you react with…

  1. Giggle

  2. Scary big laugh

  3. Small smile, if that

  4. An array of laughter

  5. A quiet chuckle

  6. Evil-like laugh

In your free time you…

  1. Make art… why not?

  2. Watch T.V.

  3. Dance

  4. Play the game of Magic

  5. Prepare for the holidays

  6. Blows stuff up for the good of science

students think of you (as a potential teacher) as…

  1. Carefree

  2. Scary

  3. Energetic

  4. Funny

  5. Bizarre

  6. Smart

Your favorite color is…

  1. RAINBOW!!!

  2. Red

  3. Green

  4. Whatever my mood is

  5. Turquoise

  6. School Bus Yellow

Your favorite animal is…

  1. Squirrels

  2. Otters

  3. Ravens

  4. Cats

  5. Turtles

  6. Three Toed Sloth also known as Bradypus

If you answered mostly 1’s you are Ms. Dennison

If you answered mostly 2’s you are Mr. Wahler

If you answered mostly 3’s you are Ms. Blackmon

If you answered mostly 4’s you are Mr. Logan

If you answered mostly 5’s you are Mrs. Mirabal

If you answered mostly 6’s you are Mrs. Dunnum