A look into JMS Dress Code – Two Sides to the Story

On the date of January 5, 2015, an eighth assembly took place. As many of you may know, JMS’ dean of students made a controversial (in the realm of JMS) speech concerning inappropriate clothing for girls. An anonymous writer had their opinion piece published yesterday, to be bombarded with a rush of commotion and opinions toward the matter! Haven’t read the piece? Find it here, along with many debate-full comments along the way! In response to the infamous article, two opposite journalists (who also wish to remain anonymous) have written-up their thoughts on the matter at hand. One, covering the exact meaning of “oppression,” as used in the piece yesterday, is against the anonymous writer. The other analyzes the meaning of Ms.  Torres’ speech delicately, and tends to side with the anonymous writer. What do you think on the matter? Comment below on who YOU think is right.

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A World Full of Racist and Sexist People

By: Emiliano N.

The Following does not necessarily represent the views of the Jeffersonian, JMS students, or staff. The following is merely one student who is expressing their beliefs; something we encourage here on the Jeffersonian. 



In the 1960s I believe it was, Dr. Martin Luther King fought for African-American rights, yet people still are racist… just not as vile as it use to be. People still blurt out racist Jokes.


As election day was just a couple days ago, only 40% of New Mexico voted, and that makes me sad. Women do not vote as woman fought for 75 years to give themselves the right to vote. Women are still getting harassed and bullied by men. women’s pay is literally 23% less than men today.

In conclusion, racism and sexism are a problem in this world… just a little decreased from the past few years.

Is Bullying Over?

By: Vivian S.

Some people think that bullying is over, but most of us realize that bullying is far from over. It will take an eternity for bullying to be over. Us human beings reject things that are… un-normal at first. Some say they accept everyone, but do they? We can’t accept everything; we have opinions that are really hard to hide most times. When you are in middle school, your opinions can be larger than life. When we bully, we are judging others on things that aren’t “normal” to us. These things can be as little as who we “like”, what gender we are, sense of style, weight, what kind of technology you own, your race, their situation at home, or even  how you put make up on.

We sadly judge people on all of these things, but all of it (bullying) is STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The image above can be found along with this super-awesome site against bullying. 

Israel/Palestine: The Conflicts’ History

By: N. Name


This has been coming up in the news recently, but is is hard to believe that the conflict has been going on for over fifty years.  After harsh persecution in Germany, Jews were fleeing, so the United Nations proposed a new “Jewish state”  to serve as a safe place for them to go.  The UN offered a majority of Palestinian land for this new state called Israel and for Palestinians, that meant a disruption of a calm lifestyle.  Israeli forces destructed over four hundred Palestinian villages. This caused major upset from Palestinians and surrounding countries. This fighting went on for a long time and by the end of it, Israel controlled seventy eight percent of historic Palestine. When over half a million indigenous Palestinians that fled attempted to return to their previous homes that were now inside the new state they were denied access.  To sum up, while one group of refugees found a safe place, another group of refugees was created.  These refugees and descendants now number in the millions.  Most of these refugees are located now on the West Bank, Gaza strip and in Jordan.

Another concept that is important to understand is that Israel was created as a “Jewish state”  It is highly debated what this actually means.  Does it mean that only Jews can live there? Does it mean that Jews are the only ones who can be part of the government? Even if at first everyone called for equality,  in actuality, Israel created a state based off of discrimination of non Jews.  Israelis also get different rights in this type of society including rights to own land and/or houses. These rights are denied to Palestinians who make up twenty percent of Israel’s population.   Israelis also get privileges such as more resources like water and fertile land.  Currently the world superpower, America, is sponsoring This occupation of Palestine and over time has made peace-talks worse.  We all need to take a step back and look at the conflict to see what is going on here.  Boycotting  (the refusal to buy, participate, or use the goods or services of a company, country, etc. until changes are made) is the thing to do, in my opinion.

Here are some of the companies sponsoring this unfair occupation

Caterpillar profits from the destruction of Palestinian homes and the uprooting of Palestinian orchards by supplying Bulldozers

Motorola profits from Israelis control of the Palestinian population by providing surveillance systems around Israeli settlements, checkpoints, and military camps in the West Bank

Northrop Grumman profits from the production of parts for the Apache helicopters and F-16 aircraft used by Israel against civilians in Gaza


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