Rose Tyler! What a companion to be covering. Rose Tyler was  one of the companions that the doctor really loved.  When she was first introduced as Rose (S01E01) the doctor saved her from the Aton aliens by taking her hand and whispering “Run.”  Simultaneously blowing up her place of work, Rose is swept away in the Tardis after saving the doctor from” the Consciousness.”

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The Heat! Starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy

Note: A great comedy movie, but be aware there are several swear words which gives this movie a rating of PG-13 and an argument for being rated R.

A scene from the movie “The Heat”:

[Agent Ashburn and Det. Mullins are holding Terrell Rojas over a railing several stories up by his legs]
Det. Shannon Mullins:   I can’t hold ya.
Agent Sarah Ashburn:   Ok, let’s pull him up.
Det. Shannon Mullins:   No I’m not kidding anymore, I can’t lift him up.
[they drop him and he lands on a car]
Det. Shannon Mullins:   Ahhhhh
Agent Sarah Ashburn:   He’s all right, right?   [searching for validation]   That.. that… that… metal car broke his fall?

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