Mr. Gonzales Takes the Challenge

Mr. Greg Gonzales, a sublimely wild P.E. teacher at Jefferson Middle school not only brings great excitement to everyday life around the halls, but also a recent spark of icy grandness to the equation. Recently, Mr. “Gonzo” shared his proudly taken Ice Bucket Challenge recording to YouTube in an awesome stand to ALS. Sitting in a lawn chair in some kind of a driveway, the tall sporty figure of a man not only challenged Mr. Fietek, another JMS educator, but flailed in surprise as a huge bucket of pure, cold, icy, pinching water is dumped over his head and down his back. The reaction is priceless – let alone un-describable.

To catch a glimpse of this grand stand, watch the original video below!


Mr. Dukart Takes the Challenge

Mr. Dukart, yet another great gifted educator at our school of JMS, has just enhanced his playful reputation by topping it off with a great ice bucket challenge video, posted to YouTube just recently! Although giving a grand, priceless reaction to the camera with an astounded “WOW. THATS UHH…COLD…” after the bucket is poured, Mr. Dukart also takes a nice amount of time purely talking about the disease of ALS as well, which really brings us all to the reason the Ice Bucket Challenge started in the first place. What does this mean? DONATE TO ALS!! At least raise awareness. It’s the greatest gift a healthy person can give to one with such a disease. Thanks, Mr. Dukart.

Watch Mr. Dukart in his personal stand for ALS right below!

Mr. Golda Takes the Challenge

Mr. Golda, an iconic image of  Jefferson Middle school, teaches gifted 6th and 8th grade math, having a classroom located right in the heart of the hall. Everyday, this guy copes with crazy math problems with no problem, but how does he deal when he is challenged to an ice cold bucket of water?

Posted recently, Mr. Golda sits outside on a lawn chair, slouching slightly in the thought of a bucket over his head. He speaks in monotone, “I’m not challenging anyone to this,”  He is crossing his hands to show the negativity. “I don’t think anybody should have to do this.”   After he ungratefully thanks the 8th grader who challenged him, the water is poured, and a loud “AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHMMMMM” is stated.

Watch it below, and see the utter iciness! !

Max Takes the Challenge

Max T. is another lively, iconic 8th grader at Jefferson Middle school. What’s not so classic is this – he took the challenge. Recently, he posted his very own ice bucket challenge video on YouTube, and people have been watching it ever since. We must all commend Max for his bravery – just the thought of ice cold water trickling slowly down your spine… Ponder that for a while. Max challenged many Jefferson kiddos in his video, including Xander Augustson, also an 8th grade JMSer. The video is great – watch it right below!