A look into JMS Dress Code – Two Sides to the Story

On the date of January 5, 2015, an eighth assembly took place. As many of you may know, JMS’ dean of students made a controversial (in the realm of JMS) speech concerning inappropriate clothing for girls. An anonymous writer had their opinion piece published yesterday, to be bombarded with a rush of commotion and opinions toward the matter! Haven’t read the piece? Find it here, along with many debate-full comments along the way! In response to the infamous article, two opposite journalists (who also wish to remain anonymous) have written-up their thoughts on the matter at hand. One, covering the exact meaning of “oppression,” as used in the piece yesterday, is against the anonymous writer. The other analyzes the meaning of Ms.  Torres’ speech delicately, and tends to side with the anonymous writer. What do you think on the matter? Comment below on who YOU think is right.

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The Doctor’s Donna – One of the best!

WARNING: If you are not a Whovian, you may have no idea what the following story is talking about. BE WARNED!
By: Sophie L.

SUGGESTION: Make this a DEBATE! Comment below, and kick up a storm of opinions, Jets!

If you watch the popular show Doctor Who, then you might just have a favorite companion.  I know I do; among the top rated of the companions (not necessarily the number one) would have to be the independent minded, funny, and sassy Donna Noble potrayed by the hilarious actor Catherine Tate.  Besides being known as being the “Best temp in Chiswick” Donna is  also the most important woman in the universe.

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Assault Rifle Control ~ Debates!

Debates between editors:

Elana Wallach, arguing against

Alexander Adams, arguing in favor

The topic: Is Assault Rifle Control morally and politically acceptable in modern society?


Round 1: Opening-ish Statements

Alex: Assault rifle control is a terrible idea for our modern society for many reasons. If we tell the citizens of the United States that they may not own an assault rifle, then the law abiding citizens will  wreak havoc on the country. We also have the right to bear arms, as guaranteed by the second amendment of the constitution. An assault rifle can be used for defense, sport, fun, and show. Naive up their assault rifles, while the non-law abiding citizens won’t. This leaves the law-abiding citizens defenseless, and the criminals mayo matter it’s use, as long as being used legally, any registered assault rifle owner may use his assault rifle for all legal activities he chooses at his discretion.


Elana: Why would one want any gun, in the first place? I suppose a firearm could be used for sport… could be fun (very dangerous, however). People sometimes collect the things as souvenirs, like Pokemon cards (although, why would you collect guns when you could play Pokemon?). I suppose the most common argument for the rights to public and free firearm use these days is this: protection. This argument of protection, however, is completely invalid in my opinion. In the first place, the country of The United States of America goes to great lengths to protect their citizens from every kind of danger (and let me just say 99% of seriously threatening danger cannot be defended by a gun, for example: identity theft, cyber-trolling, deadly viruses, illnesses and diseases, suicide, etc.). The simplest point to claim, as much as it pains me to have to point it out, is this: if nobody had a gun in the first place, nobody would be in danger. If we want protection, why not go the extra mile to make a change, to make a difference in the world? By decreasing and de-promoting public gun use, the world could potentially become a better and more peaceful place to live.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico, The land of Enchantment

One of our… (let’s call it opinionated) editors feel like Albuquerque is this dull, boring place. Well I’m here to completely prove him wrong and possibly make you laugh at the same time, let’s do this. Now, the first great thing about Albuquerque is the Balloon Fiesta, I mean come on, you get to fly hundreds of feet in the air in a huge Hot Air Balloon, and this fact isn’t just “hot air” (Bu dum tshhh). Okay now to the facts. Albuquerque, and New Mexico in general has a great mixture of culture and history, I mean two countries fought over it in 1842. Albuquerque has a huge blend of culture. From many groups like the Spanish, the Natives, and the Americans. When you put these all together you get great Food, People, and a huge mixture of languages. Also New Mexico is by far one of the most beautiful states, just look at these fabulous pictures.



tn_White Sands_Two Yuccas

These pictures are about the Balloon Fiesta, Tent Rocks and White Sands.

And to add to all of these amazing places, we have ruins from Native civilizations like the Pueblo Indians.

Taos Pueblo, New Mexico

Which were so great that we even modeled modern houses after their designs all over Albuquerque. We even filmed Breaking Bad, one of the best (in my opinion) T.V. series ever.

Albuquerque, and New Mexico in general Is one of the most interesting places in the United States. It’s history goes from ancient civilizations, to conquistadors, to wars over land. New Mexico truly is, “The Land of Enchantment”.

-Alan M-M.