Fall is Here, Everyone!

The leaves turning from green to orange
The weather becomes colder
Rain begins to fall
Flowers begin to die
The smell of pumpkin begins to fill the air.
Drinks get hotter
People become sane
Food gets better
Life gets sweet



When did we find ourselves in a world

Where childhood is a dream for a boy of eleven,

A boy who goes to school every damn day,

Holds his head up and acts like a man

So that he won’t go home with a man-sized injury.

When did the world become a place

Where a twelve year old girl fights a war beyond her time

Fights with a razor and a dash of hope,

Against a sea of faces, a sea of cruelty.

What is this world, when a child can see happiness

Only as a shadow of a song, a snatch of a dream.

The children they played with have brought them to this.

Where is our humanity,

When we let a child fight alone, fight a type of battle that the strongest of adults can     succumb to?

We cry when they leave us, we beg them to stay,

But on the brink of war,

We only look away…

– Nina


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Marker So New.

Marker, Oh Marker,

Why so new?

You seduce and Compel me

I need you, I DO.

Forgive me for using,

I mean no harm

Your brilliance and pigment

Just add to the charm.

So please, my dear Marker,

May I ask for one favor?

May you last for a lifetime;

Your richness I savor.



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