SUSAN – Companion Talk


By: Sophie L.

For those not in the “Doctor Who” know, Susan was the original companion and granddaughter of the Doctor. She traveled with him during his First incarnation and reunited with him during his Fifth (TV: The Five Doctors) and Eighth. (PROSE: Legacy of the Daleks; AUDIO: An Earthly Child, etc.) At different times in her life, she has been known as “Susan Foreman,” “Susan English” and “Susan Campbell,” but she has usually been called simply “Susan.”  All of these names were aliases; her birth name was “Arkytior.”

Susan famously describes her home in Gallifrey to a questionable alien...

Susan famously describes her home in Gallifrey to a questionable alien… Source:  “Susan Discussion Thread (Not the Horse Dragoon, Sorry)”

Susan first accompanied the Doctor before any other companions, and for this it seems she most certainly deserves a spot in our companion talk series.  As a school girl, she was always correcting her science and math teachers, telling them to add time into their equations or factor in time to certain formulas.  Susan was mentioned in rings Akahaten as the granddaughter of the Doctor in the newest series, as well as in The Runaway Bride.

Clara met her when the Doctor first “borrowed” his Tardis.  She showed him what Tardis to take (this happened when she jumped into his time stream).  Susan was portrayed by the marvelous Carol Ann Ford.  Also, in case you’re wondering, the name Tardis (Time and relative dimension in space) was made up by Susan as well. Susan should get more credit than she currently does, for she truly is a remarkable time lady!


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