Strange Harassment at JMS

By: NiNa

Recently, Administration released a letter to students’ parents about the harassment of a student after school hours. The girl was approached by a man in a truck, and felt quite threatened.

Needless to say, this is a problem. No girl should be harassed for her gender, approached, or in any way put in a dangerous situation. But this situation is far from new—it’s been experienced by many girls at Jefferson, and has gone unnoticed. Female students of all grade levels have been put in positions that would be considered threatening and/or worrisome, but none have seen the need to alert administration.

From catcalls to stalkers, we deal with harassment on a daily basis. This reporter, as a matter of fact, has been followed home by men in a vehicle, had things shouted her as she walked home from school, and been approached online with unwanted sexual attention. If one were to discuss this with female students, they’d find dozens of stories of school-wide and public harassment, and yet none of these stories have been acted upon.

Why is one incident such a big deal? Is administration aware of the situation which faces us? This reporter fully supports the measures taken as a result of the girl’s tipoff, but they should have happened long ago. Therefore, it’s impossible to give the deserved credit to the school without thinking of the many, many encounters that have preceded the one in question.


One thought on “Strange Harassment at JMS

  1. I’d guess that the difference here is that the girl in question went through the trouble to say something, or her parents did. I agree that reminders like the one sent home by the school as a result of this instance should be regularly communicated. It is also important for the students (of all genders) to remember that they need to report shady behavior. Always walk in pairs…and when in doubt take out that phone and snap a picture of the license plate, or the person’s face directly! Be safe kiddies! – signed, a JMS mom

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