Dress Code – Assembly-based Statement

The following is an anonymous “letter” written concerning the speech in today’s school assembly directly to JMS students. The vibe and ideas included in such do not necessarily represent the Jeffersonian or JMS. No offense is intended. 

Dear Jefferson Students,

Just a reminder: regardless of school expectations, there is absolutely no need to judge yourself in the mirror! This is not healthy behavior, regardless of school expectations concerning dress code. Checking to see if you like your outfit is great, but don’t judge yourself!

Judging yourself is not a solution to the dress-code issue. The dress code is supposed to be about clothing, not your body! Don’t wear offensive or indecent clothing, please just wear what you feel comfortable in! Your body is not offensive, more so the clothes you wear! Every child deserves the right to not be judged. Wow… is that NOT easy to understand?


Skirt Shorter Than My Patience for Oppression


15 thoughts on “Dress Code – Assembly-based Statement

  1. Having not attended the 8th Grade assembly, I’m sure I’m missing much of the insight/gist expressed and reflected upon here. Wish I were there, and all that. So, I’ll instead focus on the editing. Just a bit more, here and there, and you’d have me spending more thought on the ideas expressed and less on the lack of apostrophes and other matters grammatical. In fact, I’d love to read a longer expression in response, anonymous or no, along with some tidying up on the apostrophe front.

    –mr. scot

  2. I called it. I knew some feminist was going to get high and mighty when Torres said that. A couple of points–

    1. This applies to people who blatantly break the dress code. Like, come to school dressed in plastic wrap.

    2. Don’t take offense. Be thick skinned and don’t let it bug you.

    3. If you have some valid points as to why that’s offensive towards women, tell me. I’d be glad to hear.

    • Dear Spirit Mortimer-

      I would like to respond to your comments made on the Jeffersonian. First of all, Feminists as a whole are often portrayed as extremists, and there are issues within the community of feminists with extremism, as their are in any community, but this is not the case for all feminists. I would also like to express the fact that you also took your statements to the extreme by saying that the dress code is meant to keep students from wearing plastic wrap as an outfit for school. That was never in debate, and is completely unrelated to any dress code issue. Second of all, their obviously needs to be some guidelines for a dress code to avoid indecency, but at the moment the shorts rule is very poorly written and there are some other key issues with it. I would suggest reading the first article on the dress code written by Lillie E. so you can fully understand these issues.

      Third of all I would like to draw attention to the fact you told feminists “to be thick skinned and don’t let it bug you.” Today women make 67 cents to a man’s dollar for the same job. Today in the state of New Mexico 1 in 4 women have been raped. These are just issues we face in our very privileged community that we live in today. On the other side of the world their is a girl getting married today. She is 11. On the other side of the world there is a woman who has dreams being able to go to college and become a doctor. Her family forbids her from getting and education. On the other side of the world their is a woman who is being abused by her husband, but her country’s laws do not protect her.

      When you are telling feminists to just “ignore it” you are telling them to ignore the fact that women have been facing oppression for centuries. When you tell women that they should just ignore it, you are telling them that they should just ignore the fact that they do not have equal rights with the men in their community. When you tell women to just ignore it, you are telling them to just disregard the fact that they aren’t viewed as worthy of human rights as men. Of course the issues with the dress code are petty compared to the horrible issues that women all over the world face, but it is still an issue within our community that needs to be fixed.

      Girls are not trying to sexualize themselves by wearing shorts/skirts. In New Mexico we have extremely hot weather and it is very sunny. Jefferson Middle School often has issues with air conditioning as well. It is hot, and girls want to dress appropriately for the weather. In the winter when it is cold, girls do not wear shorts, because it is not appropriate for the weather. It is fairly simple to understand. Under the presumption that you are a boy, because I haven’t spoken to a girl that doesn’t think that their are at least a some small issues with the dress code, your entire basis for your belief that girls sexualize themselves is based on your projection of what you think a girl is, not actual facts, education, or personal experience with girls. Some food for thought, maybe you have these beliefs of girls because you personally find them to be sexual objects.

      My apologies if you find this offensive, or if you believe I am making fun of you. After all this is a newspaper, and we have every right to express ourselves. Maybe you should just be thick skinned and ignore it.

      Skirt shorter than my patience for oppression

      • (disclosure- condescending, contradictory statements were made in this article not to retaliate trivial insults, but instead to explain to Spirit Mortimer that his defense for why girls should just ignore oppression is weak.)

  3. Hi!
    People all over the place are against femisnism because the beleive that is is against raising families and staying at home. I many ways feminists set standards for other feminists telling them how to be one. As a feminist I can say that although short skirts may be what you wish to wear, you should think about where you are going; is it school, a fancy dinner, a concert? If it is school, you SHOULD think about whether it is appropriate. If a guy were to wear booty shorts to school, for instance, am I correct in assuming you would be mildly distracted by that guy in class? In the same way, you should also be conscientious about people surrounding you and how you choices might influence them. At the assembly, they did not ask you to judge you body but to be discreet and not dress to get people to notice you (not saying they want you to dress like you don’t care you can still have a fashion sense. You know what I mean) . I am sure teachers don’t want you or anyone else to be discussing clothes in their classes.

    Maria J.

  4. Oppresion?! Don’t you think thats a bit harsh? I think that perhaps you might like Women’s Focus; a radio program aired on KUNM, New Mexico’s public radio. On that radio hour, they discuss women in news and “feminist” “issues”. The reason I put quotations on the words feminist and issues is because women running it seem to miss the point of Feminism. They start focusing on thing that do not and should not have anything to do with feminism. It is the reason that i choose not to be one. I do not like to identify with people who misrepresent my feelings even though my feelings comply with the definition of feminism. It would seem that these new “modern feminists” don’t support women who chose to be reserved and wish to have families. Feminism is women and men being treated as equals and that is happening. Please stop standing up for thing that have already been resolved..And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some ironing to do.”

    • Maria/Sterling: Just a small quibble. Could you stick with one “name” on your posts/comments. We’re fine with pseudonyms, but it helps respondents to know “who is who” so to speak and changing makes that terribly confusing. Great conversation here, all around, btw.

      –mr. scot

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    • Dear Noah W.:

      The basis of feminism is gender equality, and if you want to express your views on why the title should be changed to gender equality, go for it! I would love to have a discussion on the matter. Gender equality is great. Of course men also face oppression in the world, and that needs to be fixed as well, but in the case of the dress code issue, the issues (mostly) impact girl students.

  6. Honestly, I admire the bravery and stamina of the author of this article. Their (I assume it’s a girl) ideals are admirable, and her willingness to stand for what they believe in in pretty cool! Their idea of feminism, though, could be questioned. Many think the article above is offensive, senseless, or confusing. I, on a certain level, do question the level of “feminism” in what the author wrote/believe. The word “OPPRESSION” is a harsh word to use, but certainly gets the author’s point across. To respond to Wilsey, Feminism should not be dismissed. When addressed on the right terms and circumstances, feminism in an incredible thing that has given a voice to women across history. Don’t MAKE FUN of this journalist! Simply accept the opposing opinions concerning the “feminism” in our school. I will not go into my opinions of the dress code right now, but know this: IT ANGERS PEOPLE WHEN YOU TELL THEM THEY CANNOT EXPRESS THEMSELVES. That is the basis of this movement, Noah Wilsey. It angers me, on a certain level, as well.

    • Thank you for being intelligent! I admire and respect your opinion. However, I think that our “making fun” of the journalist is a bit harsh. This is a newspaper. We have the right to express our opinions. I would also, seeing as you are, without a doubt, a student at JMS, advise you to read the dress code. There’s nothing in there that is even remotely offensive. So that this writer is taking offense to something telling girls not to disrespect themselves by trying to sexualize themselves confuses me.

      S Mortimer
      The Academy

    • I was not at all trying to make fun of the author of this article, nor was i try to suppress her freedom of speech. I just wish for gender equality.

  7. You and everyone else, Noah. I don’t think we’re trying to give girls more rights than their male counterparts… we just want an even balance, and that doesn’t exist at the moment.
    Oh, and Max a.k.a. “Spirit…” You’re free to a pseudonym, but you can’t pretend to be a character you created, at least in my opinion. Be yourself

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