The Facts in the Unknown

Hey Jeffersonian Members! I’m reading this for the big YWC thing, so I need your feedback. Comments will help. If you like, more will follow.

The creature moved like it was made of silk, smooth and reflective and nearly translucent; if you looked close enough you could see its veins pumping, its twin hearts beating in parallel, its muscles tense as it prepared to spring forward.  You wouldn’t be able to run; you’d be left staring into its huge black eyes as its pupils dilated and it leapt at you, spines flung forward.  And then you’d die, and that was that, no struggle, nothing because it would have impaled you and there would be blood everywhere, all over your clothes and the ground and in your eyes and mouth, and there was no way you could’ve survived.

            I’m not sure how I know this.  There was too much going on and I shouldn’t have been able to see past it all, see what had happened to her—there were too many people and too many monsters, and I should have focused on the task that had been at hand.  I’m not sure why I couldn’t, why she was so important, or even why this one death out of so many was the one I was chosen to see.  I don’t know any of it, not even why the monsters are here in the first place or why they want to hurt us all.  I don’t know.

“Remember,” she’d said to me before anything had happened, before it all fell apart like a burnt flag in my hands.  “Whatever happens, I’m always your friend.”  She’d expected me to die.  She’d expected me to be the one to go and she was prepared for it, I know.  I wasn’t prepared.  I never have been, not when things like this happen.  I’m always caught off guard.  I’m always broken.

There’s only so many times a person can break.  I think I’ve reached my limit.  I can’t handle this anymore, it’s too much—I could get through it with her but now on my own I’m not sure I can take any more deaths, not now, not now that I’ve come to the edge of the precipice and the earth is crumbling.

“We can’t afford to lose you,” Sebastian had said.  “You need to stay with us.  Keep on fighting, okay?  Just a little longer.  It’ll only be a little longer.”

I wanted to scream.  I wanted to tell him, “I can’t do this anymore, I’m not a robot, I’ve just lost my sister and I need to stop for a moment, you’ve got to give me a break.”  But I couldn’t say that toSebastian.  I can’t let him down too.

Really, though, he’s right—it’ll only be a little longer.  It’ll only be a few months until our bodies are all lying mangled on the charred earth, just like hers.

-Max T.

The photo above, originally displayed in an interesting article concerning webcam quality, can be found here!


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