Companion Talk — CLARA

By: Sophie Laborwit

Remember the article on Donna Noble a while back? Many of you liked that article … so, heres another.  This will be a string of Companion reviews We will cover Rose, Amy, Susan and even Jack!

Clara Oswald! The Impossible Girl! She started out with the eleventh doctor in E01S07: Asylum of The Daleks.  This episode was just amazing. It killed us all with emotion as Amy and Rory risked their life and nearly became daleks themselves. Their divorce shocked us all but the fact that they loved each other saved them from dalekhood. Back to Clara,


Jenna Louise Coleman plays Clara in the Doctor who series. She has grown quite popular with fans! The image above, found here, showcases her spunky attitude and outlook on life. 

She had been extremely clever in that same episode as the only “good dalek.”  She was trapped in her mind as a dalek happily making soufflés and listening to Carmen.  It was this episode she was dubbed “Soufflé girl.” She returned into the show which was a major surprise to every one. There was quite a bit of suspicion that Clara came back because whovians don’t live by the phrase YOLO, but by the phrase YOLUTSMDTKYOFG (You Only Live Until Steven Moffat Decides To Kill You Off For Good)  *cough* Rory! *cough *.
Every episode she was in up until The Bells of Saint John (E06S07) the last line she made was ” Run you clever boy, and remember.”  These words sparked curiosity in whovians world wide. Clara continues to pop up nearly everywhere, and the doctor always chases after her.
Yet again, Clara coincidentally murmers "Run you clever boy, and remember." The neat gif can be found here.

Yet again, Clara coincidentally murmers “Run you clever boy, and remember.” The neat gif can be found here.

In the episode The Doctors Name (S07E13)  Clara says, “I was born to save the doctor.” It sounds a bit pretentious, but really it is true.  From the very beginning, Clara is “different.” She is a Dalek! How she is different also shows when she first steps inside the Tardis. Instead of the normal “Its bigger on the inside” (thing that every one says!) her first thought is “Its smaller on the outside.”  Clara is a one-of-a-kind companion.  She is cute, spunky and relatable to most people.  Because she is a school teacher. She has a greater empathy than the doctor as well.  In many of the episodes, the Doctor has been some sort of child in need of Clara, the wise mother figure, who always handles the situation much better than the current 12th doctor (Peter Capaldi) who seems to hate people.
Clara teaches him to love.
The featured image, pulled straight from Episdoe 10 of season 8, can be found in this awesome spoiler site for whovians.



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