Song of the Week!

By: Sophie L.

Do you ever listen to that one song on repeat for days straight? I know I do. This new column is created purely from suggestions. Only songs that are good enough to be played over and over. All suggestions will be sent to me by readers of the jeffersonian.

Send in your fave song to! This week’s recommended song was…

Now, this is not a song, per say, that is lyric less, but it does have a really good tune. Lindsey Sterling is a violinist who mixes her music with a combination of dub step and dance.  This music video is great, but I personally think it distracts from the great music. Thats one opinion, but let’s me hear yours!



2 thoughts on “Song of the Week!

  1. Great review!
    I think you should review Manu Chao – a funky Spanish-French artist who has become insanely popular – next. Manu Chao requires an acquired taste, so it would be interesting what you (and the readers of the Jeffersonian) would think of him. What do you say?

  2. I recently have found myself obsessed with the Ben Folds song “The Ascent of Stan.” I think that would be cool to review. Although it is certainly not as out-of-the-ordinary as this song, it still is good in my opinion.

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