Gaming Review!

“Team Fortress 2” part 1

Tf2(team fortures 2) is a mainly multiplayer based game (so no single player mode). Thrilling, this game is worth a play! There are A LOT of modes you can play:  …

1. Capture the flag.  I don’t think it needs more explanation than that.

2. Control point capture. In this mode, there are 4 points that your team has to capture, but you can’t capture the point if there’s any member of the opposite team nearby… THERE WILL BE BLOOD!

3. Attack/defend. In this game mode, one team is defending a certain point while the other is pushing a cart towards the point that the other team is defending.

4. Payload race. Payload race is a game mode similar to attack/defend, but both teams are pushing a cart and the first team to push it to the other teams base wins.

5. King of the hill. This game mode is much like control-point capture, but there is only one point.

6. Co-op mode. So, in this mode, you can fight waves of robots with your friends! You have to survive all of the wave by killing the robots before they drop the bomb at your base.

This game has so much content,  I am planning on making a part 2. Fear Not!

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2 thoughts on “Gaming Review!

  1. This is very interesting that you think these thing. It’s great to hear other peoples opinions about these things!!!!

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