Thanksgiving is a time were everyone HAS GREAT DEALS! Who cares about spending time with your family? Go to your nearest mall and sit outside in the cold for hours, waiting for the oncoming bloodshed of Black Friday! Once you force your way though the crowds of people with a riot shield into the nearest apple store, watch as panicking people tear each other’s flesh off for the latest iPhone!

Once you managed to force your way out of the apple store (hopefully with all your limbs), you can make your way up to the nearest game-stop to get your kid a X BOCKS juan were you see the store clerk rocking in the corner crying, and people throwing money at him… But it was all worth it! Leaving your family on thanksgiving, seeing the unforgettable blood shed, and you managed to leave the mall with you kid’s X BOCKS and only getting it for $100. But then you realize, THEY’RE GREAT GREAT DEALS, RIGHT?????!!!!
No offense to any reader in intended… 

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