Companion Talk — CLARA

By: Sophie Laborwit

Remember the article on Donna Noble a while back? Many of you liked that article … so, heres another.  This will be a string of Companion reviews We will cover Rose, Amy, Susan and even Jack!

Clara Oswald! The Impossible Girl! She started out with the eleventh doctor in E01S07: Asylum of The Daleks.  This episode was just amazing. It killed us all with emotion as Amy and Rory risked their life and nearly became daleks themselves. Their divorce shocked us all but the fact that they loved each other saved them from dalekhood. Back to Clara,

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Today’s Quote

If you spend too much time with someone who treats you like an option, you’ll never find that person who treats you like a priority.




By: Noah Wilsey

Since the dawn of our time, humans have been explorers. Our drive for adventure has allowed our species to adapt and grow in all parts of the world. We have explored almost all parts of our planet. On  July 20, 1969, Humans landed on the moon — this was our first step to the stars.

If NASA didn’t have budget cuts, There could already have been the first person to Mars (Mars is our best candidate for human colonization). Over the years we have sent many probes to mars. The most recent, Curiosity, Recently found WATER in Mars’ soil. Curiosity also recently found Methane, a biologically produced chemical, on mars. These are signs of past life on mars! If Mars could have had life, think of all the planets in our infinite universe that have life. We need to inspire our future generations to reach for the stars.

Please support NASA.
The stunning image above (courtesy of NASA, of course) is one of the stars. Millions and billions and trillions of galaxies exist in the universe, and in each holds [more] trillions of stars. Go NASA!

Song of the Week!

By: Sophie Laborwit.

Today’s Tune: Radioctive, by Imagine Dragons.

Known for their hit “Radioactive,” Imagine dragons came out with several other songs that truly showcase their talent. This song, recommended by journalist Liam Paul, is also known as, “I bet My Life”. You may have heard it before on the radio or maybe you own the album, Either way, this song is great to listen to and has a great melody. I personally enjoyed this song and I think that you will as well. Very exiting and spontaneous, this song is a great song to [break] dance to on any day of the week. I like the lyrics because they are totally appropriate and still have ring to them. Radioactive is readable and all around expressive, which is what music is supposed to be!

Above is the cover image of the song itself. Not only the song has proven to be artsy!

Below is the music video (courtesy of YouTube) to the song. Have fun listening!