A Dangerous Problem for Kids Today.

If you’re in Middle School, you’ve probably seen scars. You’ve walked past a kid with some little lines on their arms, and probably didn’t notice. But these cuts are so much more than a plea for attention, or a thing to be ignored.

Self-Harm is an epidemic. It’s estimated that about one percent of America’s Population (about one million people) self harm on a regular basis, and the number is increasing.  Some attribute cutting to a need for attention, others claim that the behaviour is repulsive, or taboo. But a child who is desperate enough for relief to drag a razor across their flesh is so much more than attention seeking.

Most cutters use their blade to deal with emotions too big for them to deal with in any other manner. Stress, loneliness, anger, depression and disconnection can all lead to self-harm. Some find the behaviour to be a release of anguish, while others find it reassuring to have a physical manifestation of pain. Some mar their skin to escape from numbness and lack of feeling. Whatever the motivation or effect, self-harm is a problem that needs to be stopped.

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What we’ve all been waiting for… Noah’s W.’s PART III of THE RESET fictional story.

Never read part I? Read it now!

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Nobody answered. With Jake and Nile, Jeb rushed home and got on his laptop. The internet was exploding with people saying that their parents were gone. Jeb started to relive everything. They were all gone. He had thought about this before when he was reading “lord of the flies”. He opened a google plus hangout with all his friends.  They all immediately started asking “Do you guys know were your parents are” or “THEY’RE GONE!!! THEY’RE ALL GONE!!”.  He thought for a while. He knew that at first it would be just a frenzy of kids running around doing everything they wanted, none of them worrying about the future. They would go without power soon, and then food would run out. It would turn into violent chaos He wrote on the hangout “everyone meet at school. This is very bad. We now have to live on our own.”. then Jake and Nile walked into the room. Jake asked what they would do. Jeb said

“get all of our food from the pantry and nile house and load it into moms car.”


“All of our parents are gone. I called 911. nobody answered. on google+ everyone else is having the same thing happen. were alone.”

   Everyone in the room, including Jeb, started to cry. After about 15 minutes, jake asked

“what are we going to do?!?!?”

“we’re gonna live.”

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Should Fan Work Be Considered ‘Canon’?

By: Heather H.
“Canon,” is a term to describe anything that actually happened within a book, movie, show, or game. Anything that is created by a fan is known as fan work or “fanon,’ but should work by fans actually be considered “canon?” Everyone who is in a fandom is familiar with the canons of their fandom, most are also familiar with the stories and art created by fans like themselves. Perhaps these fan works should be considered canon.
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