High-Schools to Consider (for the JMS Student)

Are you a middle schooler who’s ready for the future? Are you curious as to what your academic career  could hold? As a finale of your schooling, choosing a high school can be a big decision; what kinds do New Mexico hold? In this article, you will get an idea of the high schools in Albuquerque, and which may be right for you.

By: H. Bell

First off, it would be great if all of the schools (public or belonging to APS) were listed simply, as below:

Public High

Albuquerque — Atrisco Heritage Academy — Cibola — Del Norte — Eldorado — Highland — La Cueva — Manzano — Rio Grande — Sandia — Valley — Volcano Vista — West Mesa



21st Century Public Academy — ABQ Charter Academy  — Albuquerque Talent Development Academy  — Bataan Military Academy — Christine Duncan Heritage Academy — Corrales International School — Digital Arts and Technology Academy — El Camino Real Charter — Gordon Bernell — La Academia de Esperanza — Los Puentes —  Native American Community Academy — Nuestros Valores — Public Academy for Performing Arts — Robert F Kennedy High — South Valley Academy – New Mexico School for the Arts


Albuquerque Academy – Bosque School – Hope Christian School – Hope Connection School – Menaul School – St. Pius X High School  – Sandia Preparatory School –

The next thing to look at, however, is who you are. What kind of student are you? This question can be KEY for picking the perfect school.

The motivated, special-interest student — Are you a kid who knows what you’d want to do? Do you have unique passions and talents to live up to? If so, many schools listed above could be a pretty good match. Schools like PAPA (public academy for Performing arts), Digital Arts, NMSA, and Amy Beihl are considered to be and artsy school for an artsy student. Schools like ECA/CEC and Next Gen focus on very specific areas of career choice, on the non-artsy side of things.

The academic-success student — Are your grades insanely awesome? Are you motivated to get far in your school academics and career? Schools like ECA/CEC, AIMS, and most private schools focus heavily on academic achievement, and are considered to be extremely prestigious. If your looking for a challenge, great; keep in mind that the majority of “prestigious” schools can be very expensive or high a high tuition.

The “hunky-dory” student — Not all kids are over-the-top achievers. Do you go contently with the flow, being OK with getting the grades – for better of for worse – that you get? Any public high school will do the job just fine, AND they won’t cost a fortune. Remember: schools are what you make of them; nobody says you can’t go far with a public school that’s just right for you.

The struggling student — are you having a slightly harder time succeeding at school? That’s ok, there are so many schools that would fit you perfectly. Many magnets (New Future, ECADEMY, e.t.c) can casually help a struggling student become a great one. If you feel you’re in a really bad situation, you may want to look at the Bataan Military Academy (this could eventually lead to scholarships) or, if you are in and out of Juvy, the Juvenile detention center educational unit could be your choice.

Whatever you do, Jets, please remember this: If you believe in yourself, you can do anything you want to! Don’t be discouraged by financial disposition, reputation, or grades… you can make it better. High school can be a scary transition, but it’s a very important choice to make. Choose what’s right for you!

A thanks to the APS website for their pictures, links, and schools!




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