The Doctor’s Donna – One of the best!

WARNING: If you are not a Whovian, you may have no idea what the following story is talking about. BE WARNED!
By: Sophie L.

SUGGESTION: Make this a DEBATE! Comment below, and kick up a storm of opinions, Jets!

If you watch the popular show Doctor Who, then you might just have a favorite companion.  I know I do; among the top rated of the companions (not necessarily the number one) would have to be the independent minded, funny, and sassy Donna Noble potrayed by the hilarious actor Catherine Tate.  Besides being known as being the “Best temp in Chiswick” Donna is  also the most important woman in the universe.



So why do some Whovians hate Donna so much? According to some, they “Just do.” Honestly I think that hating Donna is really narrow minded, especially because of the fact that she helps the doctor to be compassionate and nurturing toward those around him (Jenny in “The Doctors Daughter” S04E06, or the family in the “Fires of Pompeii” S04E03, the list goes on). Not only that, but Donna is not remotely romantically attached to the Doctor, which creates a brother-sister friendship between the two. The moment all Donna fans craze over was when the already awesome companion became “Doctor-Donna.”  When her brain became Timelord and we got to see what would happen is the Doctor were Donna.

The other trait that I love about Donna is how she has a certain “go big or go home” personality.  Donna has an opinion, and will not be pressured to keep it in no matter who is telling her to do so (Daleks,and even the Doctor when he is making rules).  One of the instances where Donna speaks out is when Donna encounters the Shadow Proclamation. Donna is one of the few humans who interact with the Shadow Proclamation, and when she does, they look down on her because of her humanity. She proceeds to put them in their place, just as she does everyone else who tries to judge her because of who she is (or is not).

Who is your Favorate or top rated companion of the ? Why? Be sure to comment below! Discuss!

If you want to see who you’d be as a companion (or the picture above) this place has it all!


3 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Donna – One of the best!

  1. While I do admire your unwavering stance and strong opinion, I completely hate the companion DONNA… and not because “I Just do.” For one, Donna Noble’s character is boring; she’s been portrayed as a persona SO. MANY. TIMES. What is unique about her? That her hair is red? That … ummm…. I can’t hunk of any more ideas of uniqueness… Sorry.
    Second, not to sound bias of physical ability, but honestly, Donna does nothing. Unlike Martha or Amelia Pond (who make a difference in helping the Doctor on his missions, and sometimes even solve their own), Donna kind of just sits there in the Tardis all day long, staring out the window. On adventures, she slowly trudges behind the doctor in a stereotypical thick-girl fashion. SHE DOES NOTHING, AND MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE TO ANYTHING. This brings me to my next, and for now, final point.
    Lastly, I think that Donna Noble portrays companions and any girl-whovian in an insulting way. This woman is incredibly wound up, dull, very stupid/thick, and is wrapped up in her appearance and reputation. To me, a whovian (whether she is a companion or a fan-girl) is bright, intelligent, independent/strong (not listening to society), and magical. Donna is NONE of the things I just listed, and is, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. She stands as an insulting image for the Doctor who family.
    – H. Bell

  2. I understand what you are saying H. Bell but I believe that it was very relieving to have a companion that wasn’t a love interest. This is also the reason that I hoped Strax would be in the show more. It is good to have the non stereotypical human woman traveling along his side. While considering Donna we should also look at how much her father Wilfred plays a role in Doctor Who.

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