Top 10 Reasons to Love Sharks!

 By: Sarah Merrell
10. There are 350 different kinds of sharks!

9. Millions are killed each year for the fins to make soup. Let’s rebuttal!
8. They only kill 5-10 people each year.
7. Do you like the coral reefs? Well, thank sharks, because they keep the whole food chain balanced. Scientists say that if sharks disappeared, the coral reef would not exist.
6. Both shark’s blood and liver oil are found in natural mediations to keep us healthy.
5. You know the movie Jaws right? Well. after that movie came out, the death of sharks went up Insane amounts. The movie’s creator announced STOP KILLING, because the movie was fiction and he actually loved sharks.
4. Most shark attack victims are only bit and spit out because sharks realize that the aren’t food.
3.  The Magalodon Shark (extinct today) was the largest predator in the sea from 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago.
2. Scientists are still finding more and more unknown and un-catalogged shark species today!
1. Sharks can’t get cancer, so scientists are trying to understand why.  If they find the answer, we can make a drug or treatment for humans.
Thank you, Sharks!
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