What we’ve all been waiting for… Noah’s W.’s PART II of THE RESET fictional story.


“Ha-ha… very funny. she’ll be up soon.”  Laughed Jeb.

“No I’m serious. Mom is not here.” His brother replied.

Jeb got up and started walking to their mom’s room. When Jeb opened the door, nobody was in the bed. “Mom?” nobody answered, so Jeb went frantically about the house looking for her; He couldn’t find her. He realized that if she had intentionally left,  her car would be gone. When he went outside to check, he saw that her car was still there. He called her, an her phone rang loudly in the bedroom. He called his dad… nobody picked up. He went on  calling all of his family contacts, but nobody picked up.
He started to freak out, nobody has answering! He realized that he should go to his neighbors, which were close family friends. So, he and Jake went over. They knocked on the door, then Nile, the neighbor answered. Nile was only six, but he could handle himself.
“Where’s your parents?” Asked Jeb.
“I don’t know, there not here.” Nile replied.
     Jeb didn’t know what to do, so he frantically called 911.
He waited.
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