Continuing Stories #1!

Hello, Jeffersonians! This week for fiction, we have a brand new idea; a completely new and innovative category for you to read. It’s title: CONTINUING STORIES. Founded and written by collaborators Max T., Noah W., and Liam P., a fictional and very random piece will be created from building mere sentences on-top of each other. Every week, a new chapter will be posted. Let’s get started, shall we?

Continuing Story #1


NOAH: in the beginning,


LIAM: Morgan Freeman created the world with his narration.


MAX: He knew that Max was awesome, and so, he created him first.


NOAH: but the mighty buffalo slayed Max and created Noah. Noah made very good brownies.


LIAM: Then, Morgan Freeman decided that both Max and Noah were not worthy, and decreed them to death by lamppost to the stomach.


MAX: Max was informed of this while he was having tea with the red man.


NOAH: Noah was jealous, and came back from the dead. He built a boat!


LIAM: Morgan Freeman’s freckle then gained its own sentience and threw greek fire directly upon Noah’s boat, which quickly burned it, and made it sink to the bottom of the ocean, never to be found again. Noah was also never found again.


MAX: Max, who refused to accept his fate, took one of Chuck Norris’s tears.


NOAH: Noah was then reincarnet as a goat so he could make moat brownies.


LIAM: Then, Morgan Freeman conveniently explained that he couldn’t die, and drank a gallon of Powerthirst.


MAX: Max took this time to explain the value of Powerthirst in our society. P-P-P-P-P-POWERTHIRST


NOAH: Suddenly, Noah realized just how much he wanted to let Max invade his mind and control his speech. And so, he ran off into the sunset in search of a perfect nation of communist goats.








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