Top Ten Strangest Wikihow Articles

By: Journalist Amethyst G.

How to…

10.   Not be afraid of hot topic

“Remember! Hot Topic is just a store that uses red and black interior and very loud music. It is very normal. If you still feel uncomfortable, start easing up to it by going to darker stores. Keep getting darker until you’ve made it to Hot Topic level.” –Wikihow

  1. Eat a bowl of cereal


  1. Find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you (Sixth Graders)

If she giggles at Tommy’s joke then she definitely cheating on you.

  1.  Bring a pet rock to school without being caught.

This one is actually very helpful. If you want to bring your pet rock to school, here is a tip to make sure you don’t get in trouble.  “feel free to write your rocks name on it, so people do not mistake your rocky friend for a concealed weapon when you take him/her to school with you” This makes total sense! You obviously don’t want a teacher taking away your beloved Rocky because he/she thought it was a knife.

  1.  Play Hunger Games

Because who wouldn’t love to have the capitol shove them into an arena and be forced to fight to the death, right?

  1. Become the prettiest girl in school

Sooo…this exists.

  1. Be the prettiest boy in school

So does this.

  1. Preform an exorcism

“Watching the “Exorcist” movies are not valid guides for performing an exorcism”  but somehow Wikihow is…

  1. Pretend your life is a sitcom

Step 1: Make jokes

Step 2: have a non-realistic personality

Step 3: Do everything using only 3 sides of the room

Step 4: Have a family

Step 5: Contemplate your existence

  1.    1.   Get teens to stop using your farm for drinking and racing

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