Justin Bieber’s ONE Contribution to This Planet – His Hair.

Scientists conducted a new study; fair skinned adolescents with freckles on their foreheads might have a higher chance of getting Melanoma.
We’ve all heard of the Canadian-born pop star that some of us love, and some of us absolutely despise: Justin Bieber.
If you know of him you also might know of his low hanging bangs that have come to be his signature hairstyle.  Believe it or not, adolescents who have also tried this style of bangs have fewer of these freckles and, as a result, have a lower chance of developing this deadly skin cancer.   Scientists are now  jokingly calling this phenomena the “New Big Bang Theory”.  In-fact, for a couple years, now scientists have been endorsing this style of hair.   These dermatologists wrote “It is believed that the majority of an individual’s lifetime sun exposure occurs during childhood and adolescence, making diligent sun protection during these years critical.”  Also adding, “Those of us who care for children and adolescents should not overlook the influence of a celebrity model even if the big bangs disappear as hairstyles evolve,” They wrote, “This is a ‘cool’ way for pediatricians to open conversations with kids about sun protection.”
What are your opinions on the topic of lowing cancer rates with this new “Big Bang Theory”?
Want more Bieber hair? Click here for more than just the photo above.

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