Gaming: Yea? or Nay?

The gaming community is growing rapidly. (I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.) Gaming is fun and competitive just like football or soccer, but on the other hand it’s quite a weird concept. This new digital age that’s coming upon us is very different than our traditional social values. The fact that you can play a game in the comfort of your own home with someone half way across the world is mind boggling.

Of course, with this new technology comes complications. There are terms in the gaming community that support this fact. “Swatting” is when someone, usually over the internet, tricks 911 into sending a SWAT team to an unsuspecting victim’s office or home, under false claims. Tax dollars are being wasted because a 7 year old got killed in Call Of Duty. If we choose to act wisely with the internet, it can be an amazing place full of rock simulators and wiki how’s

“How to Give Passive Aggressive Gifts for Christmas”. If not, there’s gonna be a SWAT team showing up at your door. (Not a threat, just a warning)

This has been a caring message from your friendly neighborhood Amethyst.


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