Zombies are Coming To Town!

By: Noah W.

It’s the  beginning of the zombie Apocalypse!

You have a backpack that can fit 15 things in it, plus a projectile weapon with 100 rounds. You are also limited to three days of food/water. (Knives and axes are not considered your weapon – they are considered tools.)

Make  a list of what you’d bring in the comments!! Choose wisely. This is MY ideal pack (plus projectile weapon):

1. mountain food (dehydrated)
2. water
3. water purifier
4.first aid kit
5.flint and steal
6. tomahawk
7. book
8. transmit and receive radio
9. 200 ft para-cord
10. flashlight
11. sleeping bag
13. small tent
14. mess kit
15. tarp

One thought on “Zombies are Coming To Town!

  1. I think I’d bring….
    – Crop seeds (Veggies) to plant. (sustainable, re-growable, healthy, filling, and zombies aren’t smart enough to plant! )
    – Water+purifier
    – Adobe mud (To build shelter. Adobe is naturally warming, sturdy, and easy to make.
    – A goat. (For the company and the milk. Milk = food and soap.)
    – Bow and arrow to shoot from up high… my house would be UP VERY HIGH!!
    – Horse for transportation
    – A journal to write in. This is how I’d keep my sanity.
    – A camera for entertainment AND to document my apocalyptic life.
    – WARM clothing. (Could double as a sleeping bag.)
    – Rope latter to climb with.
    – First aid kit. What if a Zombie scratches me!?
    – Flint and steel for fire/warmth. This turn into a torch, which in turn could double as a flashlight.
    – Strong Alcohol to get me drunk when I am hopelessly depressed of my situation. (Also to disinfect!)
    – Makeup to pretend I am a zombie. This could be very helpful!
    – Skittles candy. Their colorful sugary-ness are known to kill zombies, what can I say?!

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