Goats are Officially the Best Pet!

Why are goats the best pet? BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING. Goats are one of the most efficient animals of all time. Here are some totally legit reasons why goats are THE BEST:

GOATS EAT EVERYTHING. Goats have been know to eat weird things. Goats have even eaten cars! just think about it… GOATS EAT CARS. How amazing is that! Can your silly cat eat a car? My cat can’t eat cars.

FOOD FROM GOATS. Goats are one of the weird animals that produce milk. (That people like.) You can also make delicious cheese from the milk of a goat. I bet you cant milk your parrot even if you tried.
GOATS CAN FLY. Science shows that 156 percent of goats can efficiently levitate.
Goats can fly using anti-gravity to fly approximately 6.4 feat above sea level. How amazing is that? I doubt your dog can fly.
Goats are THE BEST pet. You should get a goat.
You don’t own a goat; A goat owns you.
Want more goats? Click here to read an article about (and see) the cutest goats ever! (Hence the image above.)

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