“ I’d bring…”

By: Journalist Vivian S.

The question for this week was – “ If you had to evacuate your home, and could only bring three things… what would you bring?”

The JMS student voices this week were…


“My animals, my family, and my IPAD because I love them” –Sassy Chicken


“ Phone, dogs, and gloves” –anonymous


“ Family (including pets), running shoes, and photos” – anonymous


“ My dog, my phone/charger, and my pillow!!” –Frog Turd


“ I’d bring…
A pencil and paper to write stories and draw pictures,
any of my living things in which I love (family, plants, animals),
and my camera to capture the future and document the past. – Elana W.


“My little black dress, money bag, and family photo book.” –Acacia


“I’d bring my Luli, my phone, and Ozzy”  -Jaimie


“ I would bring my phone, my dogs, and everything on my bed” – Kermit the frog


“ My family, my pets, and money” –anonymous


“My family, my dogs, and my sheets…” –Frankie



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