An Earthquake at Jefferson?

New Mexico State has recently implemented an official ‘Earthquake Drill’ in all ABQ schools… including Jefferson Middle School.

Sure, Earthquakes are dangerous… but do they pose any threat to kids in a desert like New Mexico? Natural disasters are unique to certain regions of the world. Islands frequently experience hurricanes and tsunamis. Grasslands like Nebraska and Kansas are used to tornados every other month. New Mexico, however, is quite unique. With mountains and hills surrounding the land, New Mexicans are not in danger of any water disaster, nor are we in the tornado zone. NM’s reasoning is simple: New Mexico is located on one of the largest tectonic planes in the Nation. You can’t be too prepared for such an event, right? As New Mexicans, however, we have never experienced anything other minor quakes, and are probably never going to experience anything worse in the future. Why is APS  spending hundreds to implement a new drill that could merely go to waste?

Second period, I have Advanced Orchestra with JMS’s Ms. Shelton. The now infamous drill occurred last Thursay during second period, and many said it was an epic FAIL. It started as a blaring siren. We all squeezed under tiny chairs… although nobody took it seriously. Kids were laughing about how the building was caving in, and how the wobbly orchestral chairs would save us all. Little did we know THAT was not the earthquake drill, but infact and accidental fire alarm. Everyone was epicly confused and tired of the drama when we got back from our sort of ‘safety walk’ around the school. When the time came to announce the real earthquake drill, nobody wasted their time. Literally, kids just sat there. Chuckling. We did not get to practice for our concert that night.

So, the question is asked once again. If the results from the last drill are any hint, and if earthquakes will never occur here in the first place, why is New Mexico spending hundreds to implement a bizarre and unrealistic drill that’s costing hundreds?

Comment below!! The image above was pulled straight out of the 2008 Earthquake Archives.



One thought on “An Earthquake at Jefferson?

  1. One: Earthquakes don’t happen because of weather, They happen because of the Earth moving. Have you seen the volcanoes? Albuquerque Volcanos are a direct result of the rifting from the rio grand rift that has occurred over the past 30 million years I mean New Mexico has one of the largest Tectonic plates in the nation, it just dormant. Not only that, but if you noticed that the drill was a fail shouldn’t we have more of them so no one get killed in the event that an earthquake actually does happen?

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