Gaming review #5 ‘’Left 4 dead”

Hey guys! In the spirit of Halloween I plan on reviewing zombie/horror games this whole month. Here’s the first one!

The plot: a city is infested with zombies and just a group of people get left behind to face them. Yes, I know it has the same story of almost EVERY ZOMBIE GAME EVER MADE, but aside from that, it’s a great game.

The game play: It’s amazing! It’s easy to play with your friends, there are tons of game modes, and the controls are perfect.

Online play: I think the online play can be…well…. annoying. What I mean is if your not really good at the game at first, you will stink at the pvp modes. All I would give this a 9/10. (btw, I’s recommend left for dead 2 – it has much more content.)

Leave a comment on what I should review next.

– Q


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