Is Columbus a Hero?

Columbus day – a national holiday to celebrate the man who “discovered America.” Every year around this time, Americans rejoice in his name… he’s a hero, right?

According to some, that’s WRONG.

As we all know, Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain to find a route to India in 1492. Instead, (and completely on accident) he ended up in the Americas… the mistake that put his name in the history books. Millions honor his name today for his genius act of discovering our good ol’ land of Murca’. The question still lingers, however. If he found America by accident, what makes him so genius? Quite frankly, any old villager could have set sail and ended up in a completely random, un-intended place. What makes him so special? That he stumbled upon a big chunk of rock first?

The truth is that Queen Isabella of Spain was convinced into letting Columbus set sail. The authorities did NOT want him taking another of their ships out to sea again. The man did not have a 100% trustworthy reputation, and only was allowed to go because he convinced the authorities! It’s not like any talent was shiny through!

Despite the obvious facts before the voyage, there are some events during and after as well. When he arrived in the Americas, he was greeted by dozens of skeptical natives. Though these mysterious natives were skeptical, it was never their intentions to brutally wipe the white men out, robbing their possessions. It was, however, Columbus’! He took the Americas by force and violence, showing no kindness or willingness to communicate. If these morals stand today, why do Americans worship his name? Just because he had more guns and men over the natives, it didn’t make the Americas HIS.

Not to mention, he was so underwhelmed and racist towards the natives that he continues calling them “indians” even after he discovered he was NOT in India. (Because of his careless leadership, may I add.)

One last point of mine, is how we live in AMERICA. Not COLUMBIA, but AMERICA. Why? Hhhhmmm…

Tomorrow is Columbus Day, as we all know. Does the historical figure deserve such praise? Obviously, APS doesn’t think so, either. Notice how we, as students, teachers, and staff don’t have off tomorrow like we usually do!

These are just some opinionated points of mine to ponder. Comment below if you wish to challenge these accusations. Image can be found on a Columbus-lover’s blog. Hypocrisy!


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