Getting into Orbit: DIY!

Do you want to see the stars? Orbit around our Earth? Why pay NASA when you can do it yourself  Time for some DIY.
By: Noah W.
Step one: make a good rocket. To start, I recommend making a 3 stage rocket that has an initial stage (sorry for the science talk!) made just to get out of the atmosphere. Then, a main G.I.O. (getting-into-orbit) stage for the gravity turn and circulation. A little engine for small adjustments or other things would be last.

You can easily get simulators for this kind of thing. I made the starter rocket – what I just described.

Step two: Get your apoapsis to at least 70km. Start by burning your first (and most powerful) stage until the fuel runs out. once you get to 10,00 meters make a 40 degree gravity turn, possibley with your second stage, until your apoapsis in around 70km.

On the same simulator, I enacted the directions above. You'd be surprised how far you'd go!

On the same simulator, I enacted the directions above. You’d be surprised how far you’d go!

Step three: Coast to your apoapsis. You need to save fuel for the circulation of the orbit, so make sure to shut all your engines down. While your coasting, set your menuever node to a circular orbit, and then match your direction with the navball node.

Step four: perform a burn. you may need some ointment for this step. Once you reach the menuever node burn until the bar next to your navball is gone, stop! You can know if your at the  node by looking at your t-. If your t- is a t+, then you screwed up. Burn until the little green bar is no longer green.

Did you fail? Let's hope not!

Did you fail? Let’s hope not!

Congratulations! You have successfully made your way into orbit! Good luck getting back…

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