Japanese Cuisine

By: Ms. Middleford

In Japan, culture is very different than what we are used to.  This week I want to focus on their delectable cuisine.  I’ll also address proper table manners and a general look into everyday cuisine preparations.

Japan’s meals mostly consist of rice and miso soup.  Miso soup is a fish broth with miso paste, and will usually have tofu and scallions.  Another thing that is pretty big in Japan is their different varieties of seafood.  Some popular ways to prepare these seafoods are pan frying, and slicing the raw fish into thin pieces, which is called sashimi.

It is very common for people to eat with chopsticks, but some dishes can’t be eaten with chopsticks.  For example; soups,  which you either drink directly from the bowl, or use a duck spoon which is a short handled spoon, with a curved like bowl shape. It is also very important to have proper table etiquette in Japan. Before a meal most people would say “itadakimasu”, and after a meal “gochisosama”.  Itadakimasu is a way to say “I humbly accept this meal.” , and gochisosama means “It was a feast.”. If you ever travel to Japan, make sure you know how to use chopsticks, and to use proper table manners!

I hope you have a clear understanding of Japanese cuisine, and would maybe like to someday try some traditional dishes.  If you would like me to write another article on Japan, comment and tell me what you’d like to know more about.


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