They called him the Soviet Hammer. Maybe it was because inside the arena, he always just snapped. Then again, they all do. Unless you’re popular. Bobsmith “Soviet Hammer” Johnson. From District 7, he is famous for having won the popular games at age 13. He killed everyone in the arena with an axe and a hammer. Of course, he’s not the only one who being a homicidal maniac has worked out for. William “Cold Thermo” Potter, who used a complex wiring method to create superheat the entire arena and incinerate everyone except him and the popular girl who he teamed up with. He’s famous now, runs the cable t.v. network for the entire capitol. But then again, it’s not their story. But this isn’t their story. This is me, a nerd at heart, and after these games, I was one more thing: A murderer.
A fictional story by Max T, chapters of  ‘The Popular Games’ will be released here and there. Stay tuned for the suspenseful parody!

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