Why Cats are Better Than Dogs!

By: Lillie E.

Cats are better than dogs. It is a plain fact. Why?

Cats leave less of a carbon footprint on the earth. They consume much less food and can actually sustain themselves if they have a food source available. Not to mention they are cheaper for the owner to have because they consume much less food.They are much less needy than dogs, and do not need to be taken on walks, so they are easier for people to own, especially for people who work a lot or have certain disabilities or bad feet/knees that can’t walk their dogs.

Cats have better personalities than dogs. Although dogs are definitely good pets and I like them, cats are much less annoying. Dogs bark and whine and are really noisy and lick things. The loudest sound you will get out of a cat is a meow. They are generally quiet creatures. Dogs are generally dirty and gross and need to be bathed on a regular basis because they are needy, slobbery and gross. Cats will clean themselves and don’t need to be bathed because they are self sustaining. It wastes water to bathe your dog. Dogs are gross.

Historically cats have been worshiped by many cultures, most famously the egyptians. They obviously knew what they were doing.

Cats are rationally way better than dogs. Comment below! 

The quirky image above can be found here with this interesting article.


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