Social Media’s Idiocracy (Why Facebook is Best)

Social media is getting more popular by the minute, although most is completely and utterly stupid. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Vine are all examples of this. All of these, if you think about it, are a combined form Facebook: a site good for talking with friends, posting pictures, playing games, updating statuses, and much more. The rest of these sites, however, are pointless ridiculous. Vine lets you make videos, but they aren’t much longer than six seconds, which is quite flawed. Facebook allows videos of any length. Snapchat, you are taking pictures to communicate…  also known as caveman talk. I will send you pictures, you send me pictures, and they’ll eventually disappear… how is that NOT idiotic? Instagram is much like Snapchat, but the pictures stay… FOREVER. Where is this familiar from? Oh yes, of course! Facebook! You post pictures+statuses, and can even make photo albums! And, we finally have Twitter. This is where people tell their followers about random events. People on Twitter rarely care, or they care as much as they would on Facebook. “Going 2 sit on me cowch,” Is an example of Twitter being used stupidly. Numbers are not words, and grammar IS necessary. We don’t need to make the entire world comprised of people with no sense of grammar or spelling, do we? Places like Twitter are encouraging that immensely. All of these COMBINED are less worthy than Facebook, which is simply there to stay in touch with people, and maybe list events. (what all social media should be idealized as!)

The word literally, as said by Al Yankovic, “Like when you said ‘I literally couldn’t get out of bed,’ makes me literally want to smack you with a crowbar upside your stupid head!” This is one of my favorite quotes, from the song Word Crimes by Weird Al Yankovic. Watch it, and take it to heart. This, in more ways than one, related to social media and it’s grammar perfectly.

We caught you!

We caught you!

This has been Alex Adams, making fun of yesterday and today!

The Social Media picture above can be found here with quite an interesting story.


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