Puerto Rico!

By: H. Bell

Have you ever, out of boredom, randomly thought about the tropical paradise of Puerto Rico? You’re in luck – here are some pretty awesome facts about eccentric PR.

In Puerto Rico, you must be 18 or older to purchase and drink liquor, unlike here, in the U.S. where you must be 21.

U.S. Citizens would not need passports to visit the wondrous island of Puerto Rico! Just hop right on the plane, and have a good trip!

There are many famous and talented Puerto Ricans out there -many haven’t been discovered yet! Athletes, writers, artists, etc. are the diamonds in the ruff from the tropics of the island.

Puerto Rico is one of the most densely populated countries in the world.  With 1,100 people per mile, only 4 countries are more dense.

Puerto Rico is known for being incredibly beautiful. It has many beaches, a perfect summer climate all year, and has many varieties of exotic plants and animals, drawing tourists from around the globe.

Even being a pretty catholic environment, Puerto Rico is home to the largest Jewish community in the whole Caribbean, and has two official languages: Spanish and English. Being part of the U.S. Territory has made a big difference in language speaking. Puerto Rican government needs to communicate with the U.S. government. Also, tourists. Obviously.

The sunny and colorful image of Puerto Rico above can be found here. 


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