Are there Aliens?

By: Emiliano N.

‘Oooooh, Scary!’ – Thats what the average human thinks when they wonder if aliens are actually out there. Even though most people don’t believe in science of aliens, what I like to think is how we may be aliens to other beings out there. Though widely debated, there is strong evidence that alien life DOES exist – maybe incredibly close. On mars approximately 249 million miles away, on this red planet, scientists have found a liquid substance with growing bacteria, and bacteria is a living substance. If we go back about 30 million years ago in history, when we assumed that mars had a liquid quite like water completely formed by animals. These animals looked more like worms, and they flew to earth not by UFO’s, but by a part of Mars that broke off, bringing what would become the fossilized form “martians” to Earth.                                             Cool, huh?

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You can find the luminous image of Mars HERE.


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