TOP 10 Best Video Games

An opinion piece by: Emiliano N.

Top Ten graphic best video games of 2013 (In my opinion)
10. Skyrim the Elder Scrolls –  This made my top ten because I like the sky rim series personally, but don’t think it deserves TOO much credit, hence it’s number 10.
 9. Call of Duty Ghosts – I love this series, yet this game seesed to impress me, so thats why it’s number 9.
8. Watch Dogs – I loved the game and the online version! It did seem, however, to be a little bit of a rip-off of the GTA 5 video game.
7.  Animal crossing New Leaf – Because life simulator games are pretty darned cool.
6. Injustice God’s Among Us – This game was just awesome –  loved the superheroness added in the game.
5. Lego marvel superheroes – Great game – I love legos and marvel, but the reason it is not higher up there on the list is that there was no online gameplay.
4. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – I just loved this game because I thought modern warfare three was awesome, and no other call of duty game could be better than this.
3. Assasin’s Creed Unity – I loved this game because it was an amazing Assasins creed game, like any.
2. Bioshock Infinite – Because the game was simply amazing. That’s it.
1. Coming In at #1 is GTA 5 – The graphics were awesome! I didn’t really like the story, but i did like the online factor, even though I only got to play it once… I’ve seen videos on youtube – you can tell, the game is plain awesome. You also got to play in the city of Los Angeles, which I thought was interesting and a nice touch.
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