Elephant Art?

By: Lillie Estes

If you have ever seen one of those paintings that elephant’s painted and thought “that’s so cool” you are wrong. These elephants are not able to paint on their own. Instead they are taught using methods such as the following:


  • Abusing them until they learn how to hold a paint brush and paint a straight line, sometimes for months,

  • Teaching them to use a paint brush by a bull hook (large sharp hook on a handle) or a nail,

  • Forcing them to paint the same painting everyday for years, up to three times a day,

  • Beating them if they do something incorrectly, including having their ears and head stabbed and hooks,

Please NEVER buy any of these paintings, they are not art – they are created by extreme animal cruelty. 
This is a widely debated topic, so if you disagree, agree, or have something to add, please comment below!

Learn more at http://www.earsasia.org/why_we_help/Pages/elephant_painting.html on the topic of elephant art creation. 

One thought on “Elephant Art?

  1. this is actually somewhat deceptive. while is Asia it is possible that there are animals abused for this practice, in fact in the United States, elephants ( and other animals) have played with brushes and paint and the paintings have been sold to raise funds for zoos and to improve the animal habitats. check out the website: for AECP- Asian Elephant Art and Conservation Project, http://www.elephantart.com/catalog/aboutus.php , where they describe how their elephants are treated and provide examples of their work for sale. The article you list was noted on Snopes, but had not citation. if an elephant is making figurative work, it likely HAS been abused , but you should not paint all elephant or animal painting endeavors with the same broad brush.

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