Movie Horoscopes!

Written and predicted by Miss Good.

Aries March 21-April 19: Chronicles of Riddick – You are the future… but you have anger problems. This makes you question and fight society. You are full Of adrenaline and love an adventure. This causes lots of problems for you, but you always seem to find a great way around it.

Taurus, April 20-May 20: The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – You are bold and extraordinary like Walter Mitty, played by Ben Stiller. You have a hard time focusing on what is really important, but get the bigger job done.

Gemini, May 21-June 20: Mean Girls – You are all about what is going on with everyone else. You also love secrets but are horrible at keeping them. Even though you have some baggage everything works well in the end.

Cancer, June 21 – July 22: Pretty in Pink – You feel like you don’t fit in, much like Molly Ringwald. You are loving and caring at heart, but you have low self esteem. The peer pressure eats you up and you give in, but it all works out it the end.

Leo, July 23-August 22: The Bling Ring – You are bold and dramatic! You can be very self centered like The Bling Ring. You love a party and you want to be the center of attention at all times like a celebrity.

Virgo, August 23-September 22: The Fast and Furious series – You are fast paced, but with a edge. You can get anything done, but you tend to like the easy way better. You have a big heart, just like in the Fast and Furious series.

Libra, September 23- October 22: Robocop 3 – You balance both action and drama at the same time. The only problem, is that you are the worst of the trilogy. Some people love you, but in comparison to Robocop 1 you just fall behind. It is time to be born again as a new and improved Robocop!

Scorpio, October 23 – November 21: The King’s Speech – You are a life changer. You guide the world into a better time, but it’s NOT easy, to say the least. You stand out, which is great in the long run, but you may feel hopeless now.

Sagittarius, November 22 – December 21: Little Mermaid – You are very sweet and heart felt. You get yourself into very dangerous situations and always seem to make the wrong choice. No matter how much trouble you cause you always have someone there to help you.

Capricorn, – December 22 – January 19: V for Vendetta – You’re extremely intelligent, but you are very secretive, which puts the ones you love in dangerous situations. You have a mission to fix everyone else’s problems, and ignore your own. In the end, you always get hurt… but at least your mission was a success.

Aquarius, January 20 – February 18: The Breakfast Club – You are very simple at times… but you are, nonetheless a life changer. You are a leader, but are called boring because you are very … straight to the point. You are the leader of many others like you.

Pisces, February 19 – March 20: Breakfast at Tiffany’s – You have everything you need, but not everything you want. Your mood varies from hot to cold, but you always seem to be in control. You have the life that every girl wants… you are just too blind to see it. You are over cautious – you need to take a chance like Audrey Hepburn.


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