When the average student thinks about the word ‘book’, they may imagine one of text – for algebra, literature and history alike. They may picture an ordeal of a thing, some 4,000 pages long. They may remember their book report that’s due… this Monday?! This reputation of the term is really an epidemic in America – assuming that books are here as a mere tool. Something not enjoyed. Kids of this day and age, a lot of times, don’t always recognize the full potential a book has to offer: from building vocabulary and gaining knowledge, to a magical experience you cannot get anywhere else in the world but from an iconic chapter book. We, as a nation, need to understand that the word ‘book’ isn’t just a word. It is much, much more – a whimsical adventure to anywhere and everywhere. Any time or place. Every color and thought. A book can transform the depths of your mind in the grandest way possible.

Only a true bookworm will know what I’m talking about – the smell of a wondrous book on the shelf. The sound new ones make when stacked upon one another, pages whispering. The excitement they bring when their backs are read for the very first time! Little joys like this are only an timid fraction among others. I believe a great amount of effort needs to go toward convincing children to go to their library; to go that extra mile because it is worth it. If children can see the light, they will feel it – the crazy warm excitement you feel when you finally finish that amazing book – every kid in America needs to feel that inside, for they will be hooked forever. If you don’t enjoy reading, it’s merely because you haven’t found the right book. Why not keep looking? There are so many out there!

If/when America is finally a book wormed nation, good things will come. Better than anyone can ever imagine! This is what I believe.

–  Labory Jane


You can find the book-y image above at this book-y blog.



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