Edible Packaging?

Cut down on waste – eat your wrapper. Yum!

By: Labory Jane

Not only teens are crazy for snacks, America. Billions of people of all ages chow down on little mid-day meals on a daily basis – from potato chips, to apples, chocolate bars. Snacks are great, and America is known for them – but sadly enough we are also known those snack’s TRASH. Millions of pounds of packaging (from plastic covering, to containers, to wrappers and  such) are thrown away every year by Americans, destined to an endless life in the landfill. But a new and revolutionary idea has come into play – why throw away the wrapper, when it can become part of your snack itself? Business innovators are now coming up with the brilliant idea of edible packaging – one that would not only cut down on America’s trash intake and improve the  environment, but that would be down right awesome.

Let me just say before anything, THIS IDEA IS BRILLIANT. I completely concur with the idea of making unnecessary plastic into candy. Here are some reasons why this is so – at least for me.                                                                                                                                                    1. Being a hippy-dippie type who constantly has the need to save the environment, the plan of an edible wrapper blows my mind. I, personally, try not to buy lots of plastic packaged foods, having this be a whole mindset, but a lot of Americans don’t care like I do these days … some aren’t even aware of the ridiculous amount of trash they produce. With the idea of edible packaging, it may make Merican’s WANT to buy the yummy packaged snack instead of the plastic packaged snack, despite any cares or viewpoints of U.S. people – potentially cutting down on a huge percentage the U.S.A’s consumer trash production.

2. In all simplicity – THIS IDEA IS AMAZING! Admit that it wouldn’t be the coolest thing on Earth to be a witness (and be a taste-tester) of edible packaging. I think it’s not only really bright, but could also really enhance some snacks. Take the frozen yogurt ball for example called the WikiPearl (as seen above) that is now being sold at Whole Foods. Without it’s unique, raspberry flavored, edible packaging, it would just be an ordinary frozen yogurt ball. The packaging, I’m sure, makes a huge difference in terms of flavor profile – why couldn’t companies take this same idea, and run with it? They could make tons of money for not only re-inventing their snacks, but making it taste better, too. Fools!

3. To be blunt, this idea would make millions. of. dollars. This is, may I state, is a true million dollar idea. In usual million dollar-making scenarios, (The selfieBrush) a lot of times, the product is merely a stupid invention to profit on similar stupid fads. However, with this idea, I’d say it DOES deserve the money. Anyone who is not only brilliant enough to think of something like this, and also invented it to save the environment, deserves the money. Really!

This, in all seriousness, would make a huge impact on the world. There are the obvious reasons why this would be the case – it would significantly and wonderfully cut down on America’s discussing waste production. But, being a teen, I can only help but imagine this becoming the new thing. Picture it: every kid at Jefferson secretly trading, chattering about, and snacking on yummy self – packaged little bites during class. You could stick them in your backpack with no worry of getting them dirty. They would be transportable in all independence. Companies could evolve around the edible-coding idea, making  every bite uniquely wonderful BECAUSE of the delectable coding.  Sweet, savory, salty, hot, healthy, crappy, insanely awesome codings could be the trend in the world. A worth while trend to save the planet, at that.

I will strongly support this idea of yummy edible packaging until the day I die!

The image provider and source/evidence of authenticity of this original article can be found at NPR.com.




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