Unkindness at JMS

At Jefferson, unkindness is a big problem. The school does a good job of keeping a hold on violence, the halls are safe, and (for the most part) clean, but cruelty and bullying are very real issues for a student. Much of it isn’t intentional– something that one person thinks as a throw-aside comment may drill into another’s heart for days on end. Pushing past that one girl in the hall may seem like nothing, but when she falls into a locker as you turn the corner, it isn’t inconsequential anymore. We need to be more aware of ourselves—both our physical antics and the way we express ourselves.

Resentment may not fade instantly, but it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes. Everyone says things they regret, and everyone messes up. Just because we don’t start fights doesn’t mean that we aren’t responsible for the mayhem that they cause. We justify our actions with excuses, gloss them over with apologies. But the pain that they cause isn’t erased that easily.

If we can try to remember that we’re all only human, maybe this will go away. If we realize that the hurtful comment was meant as a joke, that the shove was accidental. Even if they weren’t, we need to realize that holding resentment will only make the situation worse. Anger left to simmer bubbles and burns, and grows in strength. Others try to stir the mixture, and fall in to the stewpot to cook with the anger. We draw in support, defense, and the problem just gets worse.

Please remember the things you regret. Please realize that no one is perfect.



The photo above can be found as a featured image for this very interesting story about bullying.


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