TOP 10 Craziest 911 Calls!

By: Max T.

Hello, readers of the Jeffersonian. I have often had my spacey moments, such as suggesting that a quest to the holy lands be led by a large group of elephants. However, I’ve never called 911 to report McDonald’s nugget situation… So I’ve compiled a list of the top ten dumbest 911 calls. Enjoy!


#10: “My son won’t clean his bedroom.”

Andrew Miszak called 911 when his 28 year old son refused to clean his room. Good, responsible parenting decision there.


#9: “McDonald’s is out of chicken nuggets!”

Latreasa Goodman called 911 when McDonald’s ran out of chicken nuggets. How that’s even possible, I’m not going to ask.


#8: Same Thing, Different Eatery.

A woman called 911 because burger king gave her the wrong number.


#7: “Help me, my food isn’t cold!”

A man repeatedly called 911 to complain about not having a refrigerator. The police arrested him for harassing an officer. At least prison has a refrigerator.


#6: How to get a guy – 101.

Lorna Dudash called 911 to get a date with a handsome officer. She was arrested following the incident.


#5: Romantic Problems.

Hee Orama called 911 to complain that her boyfriend wouldn’t propose. After repeatedly calling throughout 2009, the Tennessee woman was arrested.


#4: Nice Police Officer.

A four year old called 911 to ask for help on his math homework. The dispatcher helped him until his mom stopped the call.


#3: The Pocket Dial

One man pocket dialed 911 while he was robbing a bank on accident… The police tracked him down before he could even get away.


#2: UFO…?

A Welsh man called to report a mysterious light in the sky. It was only after dispatchers got there that it was realized that the light was the moon.


And the Number One Dumbest 911 Call…


#1: Hostage Crisis

A British woman phoned 911 fearing she’d been blindfolded and kidnapped. In reality, she’d just woken up with her duvet over her head.



The picture of the big, red, shiny phone above can be found along with a great Huffington Post article about 911 HERE!       The info you see on today’s TOP 10 was mostly pulled and gathered from this internet video!


3 thoughts on “TOP 10 Craziest 911 Calls!

  1. Links, please, links. The progress of the nation may be helped by comments, but they are no match for links. Did I mention the need for more links?

    mr. scot

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